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Friday, September 8, 2017

8:20 PM

Tips to Read Tarot Intuitively

Reading tarot cards can be hard. Memorizing all the cards can be even harder. It can make you second guess yourself, make you wonder if you will ever get all the meanings memorized.. No wonder it’s not more common.. this all sounds like hard work. 

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But it doesn’t have to be. You can learn to read the card intuitively. No, you don’t have to be psychic to have intuition. Everyone has it.. it’s that gut feeling you get. You just have to channel is and listen to it. Let your intuition guide you when you read each card. Below are my tips on how hone in your intuition to help you read tarot.

1. Put down the books. You don’t need them. All you need is your tarot deck, yourself, a quiet place and the person you’re doing the reading for. The more that you use the books, the more your stifle your intuition and reading tarot becomes more like school, more like something that you don’t want to do for fun. 

2. Open yourself up. In order to hear your intuition, you need to be quiet. Being quiet can be hard, but you only need to clear your mind and set your intention to ‘go with your gut’. Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths, let the days stresses flow out of you and then begin your reading. You will be in a much better place to read the cards if you let go of expectations as well.

3. Only learn the basics. By the basics I mean the meanings of the numbers and the meanings of the suits or elements. You don’t need to learn each card, you will be able to know what each card means with that little bit of guidance and your intuition.

4. Pull A card a day. Just one.. pulling just one card a day will help you get a feel for tuning into your intuition. Whether it’s the last thing at night (what do I need to know for tomorrow?) or first thing in the morning (what do I need to know for today?) pulling only one card will help you focus on the card and have less stress about the meaning your intuition guides you to. 

5. Journal about it. That’s right, journal about the card. Write down the meaning that you read, the symbolism of the number and the symbolism of the element or suit. How does this affect what is going on in your life right now? Why would you pull this card. Writing this down not only helps you go into further detail, it may lead you to deeper meanings. 

6. Tell the story on the card. Each card tells it’s own story. Everyone’s story is different. Just because the story that you see on the card isn’t like everyone else’s doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. It means that you are relating it to present circumstances and your intuition is guiding you to an answer that will be helpful to you or your client.  To read the story of the card, you look at the faces, the postures, the foreground and the background of each card. What stands out to you? What are they doing in the card? How does what the card is  telling you relate to your life?

Those are my 6 tips on how to read each card with your intuition and not a book. I hope that you will put these into practice and not beat yourself up with memorizing the books meanings or having only one right answer. 

Remember the card may give you a different meaning depending on the reading and the query. 

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

7:41 AM

New Moon Tarot Spread

Here is a New Moon tarot Spread for you to bring your intentions to the surface. Give it a try and leave me a comment and tell me how this spread worked for you.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

11:48 AM

Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread and Sample Reading

The solar eclipse will be here on August 21, 2017 and solar eclipses are a great time to take a minute and think about things that you can change. What is in the background that you don’t see. What can you see but you don’t acknowledge?  These are the thing that a solar eclipse spread will show you.

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The Solar Eclipse spread consists of three cards. The card should be laid out one by one each time asking the cards the question relating to the cards. So shuffle and cut your deck. Fan out the cards. Ask question #1 and pull the card the feels right. Repeat the process for cards #2 and #3.  Lay the cards out in the spread above. Below are the card meanings.

Card 1: What energy is being blocked?
Card 2: What is being revealed?
Card 3: How can I use this information moving forward?

Below is a sample reading that was completed using this spread.

Card 1:What energy is being blocked? Page of Pentacles Reversed
The Page of Pentacles Reversed tells me not to be wasteful and that I am living a life of luxury while I am so caught up in other aspects, this is having a negative impact on me because I cannot see the good in the things that I have.

Card 2: What is being revealed? 4 of Pentacle Reversed
The 4 of Pentacles Reversed tells me that it is a time to be frugal. That I may lose some money or material items, but I should not go out to repurchase those items.

Card 3: How can I use this information moving forward? King of Cups
The King of Cups is a man who deals with stress well. I shouldn’t stress over what I cannot control and I should be thankful for all that I have.

To sum it up, I need to appreciate the things that I have in life and not waste what I do have. I may lose some items or money on something, but I have enough to accommodate that loss. Though there will be a lot of stress, I should be able to handle everything by letting my inner King of Cups show more and calm down in the middle of everything.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

9:16 AM

Yoga Essentials

My Favorite Yoga Accessories Everyone has their favorites that they just can’t live without.. for everything. Your favorite shirt, shoes, spatula, spot on the couch, you name it you most likely have a preference. When it comes to yoga, I may be just starting out, but I have found some of my own preferences in yoga mats, yoga blocks and yoga straps.
Manduka Pro yoga mat

This mat is durable and works well to support me while I do most of my yoga on a carpeted floor. When I initially bought this mat I had hard ceramic tile under me and wanted something well padded and this definitely fit the bill. I have not seen much wear in this mat and only notice scuff marks from me dragging my feet. When I no longer scuff the mat I will know I have improved.

I previously had the thickest mat I could find from Walmart, but that just wasn’t cutting it. I was sliding everywhere and had to double the mat over on itself sometimes to get enough padding while on a hard surface. The Manduka was definitely worth the money to me.
manduka Yoga blocks
 Blocks.. need I say much more.. They help me with my stretching or to help modify a pose that I can’t quite hold.. yet. I’m getting there.. but there is always room for improvement. These blocks have helped me a ton and are able to hold my weight without denting or loosing their shape. Definitely a good investment.
Manduka Yoga Straps
I have found multiple uses for this yoga straps. They help me with poses where I cannot touch my hands or my feet together (like full bow pose) or they can be worn to assist with you posture. Here is the instructions for setting up the strap for posture improvement. These straps are tough enough to handle what you throw at them and they’ve got enough grip that you not slipping and readjusting throughout the pose. You can just focus on your form.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission to help keep the blog running.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

4:10 PM

Why I practice Yoga in Jeans

Practicing yoga is a release. A release of stress, of tension, of time, of self. Finding yourself takes time. Time alone with yourself and your thoughts.

But sometimes you need a quick fix. Picture this.. In the middle of the day, you take a break and do 5 or 10 minutes of yoga. Mostly stretching to release the tension and stress you're holding onto. But are you going to spend 5 or 10 minutes changing in and out of your work clothes to do a few minutes of yoga? What happens if you stretch more later?

My job allows me to have a few breaks a day and quiet office to do a quick yoga release in. I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt or a polo, so changing would only make a calming situation more stressful. So I don't change. I practice yoga in jeans.

What Practicing Yoga in jeans has taught me

You don't have to go so deep to feel the release

Everyone is always trying to 'be more flexible'. Always in a race to be like someone else. Wearing jeans has taught me that I don't have to go as deep to feel the same release in tighter than usual muscles. Sometimes they even help hold me at a certain point of release.

You don't have to be like everyone else

Yoga is over sensationalized these days. it's the new thing. But everyone is chasing dreams to be like that girl on the beach doing yoga all day. What they don't see is how hard she must work to be able to do yoga on the beach all day.

It's about the journey not the pose

yes, yoga is full of poses. poses for this and poses for that. But the pose is an expression of what's inside. A way for the energy to move through you and release. To heal. Touching my forehead to my knee is forward bend is not as important when my goal is to reduce stress. Yes, the deeper stretch is nice, but I can save that for when I have more time.

Meditation doesn't have to be sitting

yoga is moving meditation. Meditation can come in many different forms and walking meditation is very common. 5 minutes of yoga for me is my meditation. I can do this as much as I need throughout the day and reap the benefits of both.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

1:05 PM

Super Simple Chili Recipe

Winter is here for most of the country and it's the time for soups that warm you, but you want something filling and full of protein and fiber, right?  I have used some of the better options for canned food to make a healthy chili that is super simple and could even be used for a base recipe, if you were so inclined. Now that it's getting cooler, low 80's here in Florida, I really want something warming for lunch. I have been working on perfecting this recipe for a few weeks now so that I could share it with you guys.
I'm going to be honest here and let you know that this is a SUPER simple recipe as I do not enjoy cooking very much and have a tendency to burn things, but this is simple and comes out well every week.

Chili recipeSimple Chili recipe

  1. Brown the Turkey until cooked. Drain.
  2. Add remaining ingredients to pot. Boil and then simmer for a few hours.
I usually make this on a Sunday afternoon after grocery shopping and eat it for lunch throughout the week.
Feel free to add anything else you like to this chili. Examples could be veggies: onions, peppers, carrots, squash, pumpkin or anything else that you may fancy.
If you are trying to increase your fats, try adding a small amount of shredded cheese or sour cream to the top.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1:00 PM

Is your cell phone hurting your posture too?

Posture- the position of the limbs or the carriage of the body as a whole (
Everyone is comfortable sitting and standing in certain ways, some are by choice, like lying on the couch and others are more functional, typing on the computer with your arms on the desk.
Why is posture important? Your posture says a lot about you. It can tell people if you are confident or not (are you looking ahead of you or at your feet?), it can let people know what kind of shape you are in. most importantly of all, posture can make pains go away.
Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, sit up straight, shoulders back, look ahead of you.. We all have. Until recently I didn’t think I had a problem with posture, yeah I don’t always sit up tall, but I like to relax when I sit, so what’s the big deal.

About a year ago I started having pain and numbness in my hands and arms. I figured it was me sitting too comfortably in the car. You know, with you arm on the arm rest and the other one on the top of the wheel… So I started sitting better in the car, started driving with my elbows at my sides and holding the bottom of the wheel, I tried keeping my arms straight while driving.. it helped, sometimes.
When I went to the doctor they told me it’s probably carpal tunnel or ulnar nerve syndrome from your desk job and typing all day. So after x-rays, they decided this wasn’t it. I went to a neurologist, and after my insurance not approving an MRI all they did was continually treat the symptom, they gave me pain medication.

When I did my due diligence and read up about the medication I found that it was a nerve medication used for shingles patients who had nerve damage. This sounded ok, since it could be nerve damage, somewhere in my arms. After one visit to the doctor she mentioned my brachial plexus, the area in the back of your neck where all your nerves going down your arms converge. I started to do my reading at home, since all they could tell me was lets double your medication and here’s some more of it topically to deal with the pain.
Fast forward a few months, I am diligently taking my medication and apply my nightly cream. I no longer have a period and my hormones are so screwy that none of my bras fit anymore. They’re all way too big. I do some more reading into the medication, remembering a small phrase the doctor had said, “come back and see me when you decide to have kids and we will take you off the medication.”  Duh! There’s my problem, the medication has screwed up my hormones quite badly. So I wean myself off of the medication, because honestly I am terrified of things that can affect you so much that doctors prescribe so easily.

So I am back to square one, arms and hands are numb and tingly. I continue to do some reading about the brachial plexus and find that the nerves can either be stretched or torn from their connection point to cause the pain, if physical therapy doesn’t work, surgery is the solution.
So the more I read into this, the more I realize how bad my posture is. Stretch more and sit properly, oh and keep your arms off the desk while typing, and everything will work out..

Amazingly, yes! That’s exactly what happened. Now not to say that the pain has gone away completely, but it had subsided quite substantially. I found this article on about posture and common ways that your posture is out of whack. Since I realized how bad my posture actually was, I am able to lift weights again and resume my normal life, with my posture modifications, of course.

Stretches and posture changes that I made:
*No more rounding my back when I sit
*Shoulders back – the armed forces have the right idea. Standing with your arms behind your back forces you to be in good posture.
*Ear to shoulder stretch- I do this many times a day. Sometimes I take the opposite arm and reach is behind my back for a greater stretch.
*Chest openers- there are a bunch of different ones, but I like the ones that put my arm on a wall and step forward
*Squeeze shoulder blades which strengthens those muscles
*Massage and foam roll back and traps really well after every workout
*I also incorporated a heating pad to relax my muscles before bed at night
*My job no longer requires me to be in the office all day at a computer, which I think has contributed also.
*The main contributor that I have found was playing on my cell phone with my head down and shoulders up. Reducing cell phone usage in this position has greatly reduced the frequency of the pain.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

8:37 AM

Super Simple Nutrition

Meal plans that tell you what foods to eat are  counterproductive to your mental health. It begins putting foods in the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ columns. This is not something I want to encourage. Here are the basic guidelines and it is up to you what you eat. No foods are off limits- moderation not deprivation.

You will want to focus on portion sizes and favoring whole foods over processed foods. Notice that I did not cut out processed foods, let’s be real, this won’t be sustainable if you can never have a burger and fries ever again.

So what are your portion sizes?


1 palm- circumference and thickness of your palm should come close to the piece of meat you have on your plate. 4-5 portions daily, depending on hunger. You want to make sure you prioritize protein at every meal to make sure you get enough in.


1 fist. You will want to have about 3-4 portion of carbohydrates a day.


1 thumb top- this does not mean you whole thumb, just down to the first joint. Aim for 2-3 servings of fats daily. This includes the oil that you use to cook.


Unlimited. Just be mindful that some Veggies are starchier than others.


author My name is Julie and I am a tarot reader. I read the cards intuitively and am in love with finding new decks and sharing them with you. I share with you different spreads and readings. You can also book a reading with me on here or on Etsy.
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