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New Moon Tarot Spread

By On 7:41 AM
Here is a New Moon tarot Spread for you to bring your intentions to the surface. Give it a try and leave me a comment and tell me how this spread worked for you.

Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread and Sample Reading

By On 11:48 AM
The solar eclipse will be here on August 21, 2017 and solar eclipses are a great time to take a minute and think about things that you can change. What is in the background that you don’t see. What can you see but you don’t acknowledge?  These are the thing that a solar eclipse spread will show you.

The Solar Eclipse spread consists of three cards. The card should be laid out one by one each time asking the cards the question relating to the cards. So shuffle and cut your deck. Fan out the cards. Ask question #1 and pull the card the feels right. Repeat the process for cards #2 and #3.  Lay the cards out in the spread above. Below are the card meanings.

Card 1: What energy is being blocked?
Card 2: What is being revealed?
Card 3: How can I use this information moving forward?

Below is a sample reading that was completed using this spread.

Card 1:What energy is being blocked? Page of Pentacles Reversed
The Page of Pentacles Reversed tells me not to be wasteful and that I am living a life of luxury while I am so caught up in other aspects, this is having a negative impact on me because I cannot see the good in the things that I have.

Card 2: What is being revealed? 4 of Pentacle Reversed
The 4 of Pentacles Reversed tells me that it is a time to be frugal. That I may lose some money or material items, but I should not go out to repurchase those items.

Card 3: How can I use this information moving forward? King of Cups
The King of Cups is a man who deals with stress well. I shouldn’t stress over what I cannot control and I should be thankful for all that I have.

To sum it up, I need to appreciate the things that I have in life and not waste what I do have. I may lose some items or money on something, but I have enough to accommodate that loss. Though there will be a lot of stress, I should be able to handle everything by letting my inner King of Cups show more and calm down in the middle of everything.

Tips to Read Tarot Intuitively

By On 8:20 PM

Reading tarot cards can be hard. Memorizing all the cards can be even harder. It can make you second guess yourself, make you wonder if you will ever get all the meanings memorized.. No wonder it’s not more common.. this all sounds like hard work. 

But it doesn’t have to be. You can learn to read the card intuitively. No, you don’t have to be psychic to have intuition. Everyone has it.. it’s that gut feeling you get. You just have to channel is and listen to it. Let your intuition guide you when you read each card. Below are my tips on how hone in your intuition to help you read tarot.

1. Put down the books. You don’t need them. All you need is your tarot deck, yourself, a quiet place and the person you’re doing the reading for. The more that you use the books, the more your stifle your intuition and reading tarot becomes more like school, more like something that you don’t want to do for fun. 

2. Open yourself up. In order to hear your intuition, you need to be quiet. Being quiet can be hard, but you only need to clear your mind and set your intention to ‘go with your gut’. Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths, let the days stresses flow out of you and then begin your reading. You will be in a much better place to read the cards if you let go of expectations as well.

3. Only learn the basics. By the basics I mean the meanings of the numbers and the meanings of the suits or elements. You don’t need to learn each card, you will be able to know what each card means with that little bit of guidance and your intuition.

4. Pull A card a day. Just one.. pulling just one card a day will help you get a feel for tuning into your intuition. Whether it’s the last thing at night (what do I need to know for tomorrow?) or first thing in the morning (what do I need to know for today?) pulling only one card will help you focus on the card and have less stress about the meaning your intuition guides you to. 

5. Journal about it. That’s right, journal about the card. Write down the meaning that you read, the symbolism of the number and the symbolism of the element or suit. How does this affect what is going on in your life right now? Why would you pull this card. Writing this down not only helps you go into further detail, it may lead you to deeper meanings. 

6. Tell the story on the card. Each card tells it’s own story. Everyone’s story is different. Just because the story that you see on the card isn’t like everyone else’s doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. It means that you are relating it to present circumstances and your intuition is guiding you to an answer that will be helpful to you or your client.  To read the story of the card, you look at the faces, the postures, the foreground and the background of each card. What stands out to you? What are they doing in the card? How does what the card is  telling you relate to your life?

Those are my 6 tips on how to read each card with your intuition and not a book. I hope that you will put these into practice and not beat yourself up with memorizing the books meanings or having only one right answer. 

Remember the card may give you a different meaning depending on the reading and the query. 

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How to Attune Yourself To a new Tarot Card Deck

By On 7:49 AM

How to Attune to your New Tarot Deck

I love getting new tarot decks. I They're almost like Pokemon to me. I want to collect them all. This is a recent infatuation for me with the need to collect them. I've never felt the urge to "collect them all" before, but now I understand. Every deck is different and every deck needs times to become infused with your energy. 

I currently have 3 physical decks an done deck app on my phone. I know the whole phone thing sounds weird but when I need a quick answer or some quick help it's easier than pulling out a deck and doing a spread on the grocery cart.

So how do you attune to a new deck when you get one?

You infuse it with your energy. You can do this in a few ways. 

#1: Blow into the deck.

The air you breathe is life. Without air, you wouldn't have life. So you blow your exhalation into the deck and infuse it with your life's force or energy.

Hold your deck in your right hand and flip through the cards on a corner while blowing your exhalation into the deck. I do this on all four corners to ensure that I push enough energy into the deck.

#2 Envision your energy going into the cards

you can hold the deck in your right hand, your receiving hand, and cover it with your left. you then want to envision light coming down from above you head, flowing through you and through your hands into the cards. This energy is your energy that you are calling down. 

#3 Let the Sun or Moon have their way

This one is less personal, but it is great for cleansing your deck. I like to leave the cards out on the windowsill overnight in the moonlight to cleanse away negative energies. or sometimes I will walk around outside shuffling the cards in the sunlight.

#4 Shuffle the cards

Shuffling the cards is a great way to attune them to your energy, you are physically moving them  and touching each card and your thoughts and energy are traveling through them. This is good to do during a reading or when you want to do a reading that you have been thinking about. The thoughts that you are thinking will be infused in the cards. I like to carry my cards with me all day and find myself drawn to shuffle the cards while in traffic or anytime that I need to feel a connection with them.

This is also good to do between readings to clear the cards or previous energies taht may affect a new reading.

Those are the ways that I attune to my decks. Tell me what you think after you try them.

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So You Think You're a Shaman, Huh?

By On 10:56 AM

Modern Day Shamanism

What did I just say? Modern.. Day.. Shamanism..? Nah, that can’t be right. Shamans are only characters in video games today. There aren’t any more of them. At least not in most countries.
However, with that thought, my friend, you would be incorrect. There are shaman, male and female, today who are practicing a modern version of what shamanism used to be.

What is a shaman? 

A shaman is a healer with a connection to nature. A person who enters a trace and can connect with the universe and the spirits on a higher level than most people can. In ancient times, they were highly regarded. Some of these ancient practices are still around and are included in modern day shamanism.

In ancient times, and in some cultures around the world today, to become a shaman you would go off on a spirit vision quest and if you came back having had a vision; you would be able to learn from the current shaman in the village. This quest was nothing to take lightly. You would be removed from contact with the village; you would not have any food or water and would have to fend for yourself in the wild.

A second way would be to survive a venomous snakebite. If you survived something that is known to kill, then you must have healing powers and connections with spirits. This is still true today, but it takes on a more general meaning. The general meaning is that if you have survived a near death experience, you might be a shaman.

Another general way that indicates that you might be a shaman is if you have struggled through great hardship in your life. If you have ever found yourself on the street, living out of your car, REALLY down on your luck and have come back from it prospering, you might be a shaman.

Some other signs that you might be a shaman are:

  •      You’re an introvert
  •      You feel more at home in nature
  •      You feel you’re meant to do something bigger than yourself
  •      You want to ease the pain and suffering of animals, humans and nature
  •      You fall victim to “shaman sicknesses”. In modern culture, these shamanic sicknesses may fall into difficult to treat categories like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme disease, chronic pain disorders, and autoimmune disorders.
  •       You have vivid dreams
  •       You feel you have unusual spiritual powers or “siddhis”
  •       You feel you don’t quite belong

If any of these signs speak to you, you may be a shaman who has yet to accept their calling.

If you’re interested in taking the next step, I encourage you to read through Sarah’s Post here.

Am I Psychic?

By On 9:01 AM

Am I Psychic?

There are four main types of psychic abilities that people have. you can be stronger in one than the others, but most people have alittle bit of a few if not all of them. you can work to develop these traits over time, but sometimes people may just be born with a stronger gift. 

Don't let that discourage you. you can develop a strong gift yourself, you just need to focus on it and really get in touch with it. Below I have listed out the four main types and some quiz's that you can take to help you figure out which gift is your strongest.

Clairvoyant (clear seeing)-

  • Have vivid dreams
  • May see auras (glowing light around people)
  • Can visualize and daydream easily
  • Have a vivid imaginatiion
  • Appreciate visual beauty
  • had imaginary friends as  a child
  • See flashes of light, colors, symbols, or images out of the corner of your eye or when you close your eyes
  • Speak fluently in metaphors
  • Use the phrase "I see.." a lot

Clairaurdience (clear hearing)-

  • You prefer to listen than to talk
  • Often talk to animals and plants
  • Felt like you've received telepathic information from someone
  • When you give realyl good advice you wonder to yourself, "Where did that come from?"
  • Hear ringing or buzzing in your ears
  • Crave quiet
  • Are creative/ have a lot of good ideas
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE music -playing or listening
  • Hear people say your name when no one is around
  • use the phrase "I hear.." a lot

Clairsentience (clear feeling)-

  • highly sensitive person/ pick up on people's 'vibes'
  • experience psychical or emotional  trouble with large crowds
  • emotions change depending on your surroundings (people and places)
  • "feel" the presence of spirits, or where they might be
  • Feel other peoples pain. Sometimes you take on that pain in your own body
  • Use the words "I feel.. " a lot
  • Smell and tast hints of the spirit world
  • not able to borrow others things or shop at consignment stores
  • get drained wuickly around others

Claircognizance (clear knowing)-

  • recieve answers to your questions from out of nowhere
  • get really creative, inspirational and beneficial ideas out of no where
  • tend to have a busy mind. Always thinking and jumping from idea to idea
  • truth detector- can usually tell is someone is lying
  • Use the workd "I know.." a lot
  • awaken at night with answers to questions


Psychic Power Quiz

What's your Psychic Style

ESP Quiz

Tarot and Divination- WTF?

By On 12:00 PM

Divination in General

Divination means the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. To divine something is to learn from spirits, angels, and those more knowledgeable of life’s lessons.

For those of us who believe there is more out there than most can see, learning from these unknown (or known in some cases) entities can shed light on our true path and help us learn the lessons that we are here on this earth to learn before we move on.

Tarot- What is it?

Tarot is an ancient form of divination using a special deck of cards. It can help you answer and give guidance regarding your most important questions. Decks come in many different varieties including, spirit animal, angel cards, and variations of the Waite-Smith Tarot cards.

What’s the point?

I am a firm believer that there is something more out there for us, that this life is not all there is. What that something is, I am not sure. I do not believe in a God in the typical sense, but I can say that I believe in Mother Nature and her powers. I also can grasp the ideas behind the Old Gods (i.e. Roman, Celtic, Norse, etc.).

The point for me is that over 10 years ago my mom bought a beginner Tarot Set (deck and book). This sat in a drawer for over 10 years, only being taken out once or twice. The other day on a visit, my mother brought this to me to see if I wanted it before she gave it away or threw it in the trash.

To me this was the sign that some form of divination was in my future.  I have my own set of Runes and a crystal ball, but they just never felt.. Well, right. Therefore, over the past couple of days I have been doing some readings for myself and for my husband and learning the deck. So far, I am in love with Tarot*.

*Although I love it now, my obsessive personality likes to grasp new things. I will continue to hold judgement of this sentence. 

Knowing Your Options- Anxiety and Depression

By On 9:11 AM
Anxiety and depression can be caused from over worrying and stressful situations or it can be a chronic problem that is caused by an imbalance in the body.

I have done some research into the two main types of imbalances that cause anxiety and depression. These two disorders seem to go hand in hand in most cases. Two of the potential causes of depression and anxiety are the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine.

In the case of anxiety and depression, an imbalance is caused when the neurotransmitters are too quickly reabsorbed after talking to the nerves to leave things like serotonin and dopamine in your system to be bioavailable for your brain to use. To put it simply, the neurotransmitters run out to the nerve with a message, and run right back to where they came from. With the neurotransmitter in hiding, serotonin and dopamine are not available to be absorbed elsewhere in the brain.

With less serotonin or dopamine available, you can start to enter into a deficit. This deficit is what leads to anxiety or depression. See the table below for the symptoms of each type of deficit.

The most common way that these imbalances are corrected are from anti-depressants. Most people respond well to one or the other and it may take some trial and error to find the right prescription and the right dosage. Below I have listed the most common, but not all, of the prescribed anti-depressants and treat anxiety and or depression.

The good news is that there are ways that you can increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body naturally. Some minor lifestyle changes and changes in your diet can help increase the levels.

Dopamine is your body’s motivation and reward sensor. The more you feel motivated and rewarded, the higher your level can be. In order to keep your levels high enough to combat your current depression, you would have to have a some motivation to get started and set the goals first.

Dopamine is released when you hunt for things, think scavenger hunts. Or when you complete a goal, like finish a term paper.

Serotnin on the other hand is your happiness sensor. The more serotonin you have the happier you can be. Serotonin has a precursor that can be found in some foods, called tryptophan. Yes, the same thing that’s in that Thanksgiving Day Turkey and makes you sleepy.  This is what doctors assume to be the most prevalent type of depression, but it also comes with anxiety. In reality, only about 40% of the patients that have depression and are given serotonin increasing anti-depressants actually see results.

Serotonin is decreased after eating protein. Yet, it is increased when you eat carbs alone. The carb and protein mix nullify the potential increase from the carbs.  A snack of 25-35g carbohydrates with less than 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fat is recommended when you snack. This will increase serotonin levels, especially in the dreaded 2-5pm.  You want to choose something like a graham cracker or a pretzel.

Another way that serotonin is decreased is after drinking or eating caffeine or aspartame. So it’s time to cut back on the diet soda and the artificial sweetener in your coffee. Affeine has a half life of 4-5 hours and can stay in your system for up to 14 hours after you consume it. So reducing caffeine in the afternoon can help you get to sleep better at night.

Random Facts:

High norepinephrine can cause anxiety, racing thoughts and high blood pressure.
Melatonin can reduce high norepinephrine is you take it and lie down.
Caffeine inhibits the uptake of GABA as well, which  helps to calm you down.
Green tea increase dopamine, serotonin and GABA. To get this boost have 3 cups of green tea a day, sans sweetener.

Note: I am not a doctor and am just providing the information. Your doctor should make the call on which prescription is best suited for you. Some of these medications can be taken together to get the affects of both, but should only be done under the supervision of a certified medical professional.

How to Improve Your Mood With Scents

By On 8:12 AM

An odor is the perception of an odorant (or chemical). This perceived odor is either pleasant or unpleasant to us.  Most times, an odor is given a bad name and only used when something is unpleasant. The affect that odors can have on your mood and mental health can make or break your day.

Pleasant odors can:
·         Boost your mood
·         Make is easier to learn/work
·         Make it easier to sleep
·         Give you a higher pain resistance
·         Decrease the occurrence of headaches and stomachaches.

Unpleasant odors can cause:
·         Nausea
·         Headaches
·         Depression
·         Increased anxiety
·         Elevated blood pressure
·         Decrease in physical energy
·         Compromised immune system
·         Asthma attacks in asthma sufferers
·         Physical discomfort (aches & pains)
·         Increase in anger and stress levels
·         Muscular control problems, fatigue (tiredness), confusion

What can you do to make your environment smell more pleasant?
·         Open windows and let in fresh air ( if you’re not near a highway or other pollutant source))
·         Air purifiers (ensure they are properly sized for the area you put them. One small purifier will not do much to improve the air in a decent sized room)
·         Flowers and other odiferous plants
·         Lightly scented candles and incense
·         Change you’re A/C filter more frequently

Why don’t I recommend Air fresheners and plug ins?
Air fresheners and plug ins are great when you want to cover something up. But that’s all your doing. Sweeping it under the rug and throwing a blanket over it. You’re not getting rid of the unpleasant odor, your only making it.

Think about it this way. You’ve got a glass of water and you add food dye to it. Have you really changed the water, or  just made it look different? It’s now just blue water. Unpleasant odors are just temporarily strong pleasant scents.

Too much scent, whether perfume, air freshener, deodorant or flowers can have negative impacts on your respiratory health. It can cause allergies and asthma attacks if the person is sensitive to that. It can also increase the frequency of headaches and make you feel quite crappy.

Finding the right amount of scent for YOU that you enjoy and is not detrimental to you is imperative.


“Health Effects of Odors.” Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of Public Health Chemical Hazards Program July, 2004.

“Odors and Your Health.” Ohio Department of Health, Division of Environmental Health and Radiation Division July 2015.

Yoga Essentials

By On 9:16 AM

My Favorite Yoga Accessories Everyone has their favorites that they just can’t live without.. for everything. Your favorite shirt, shoes, spatula, spot on the couch, you name it you most likely have a preference. When it comes to yoga, I may be just starting out, but I have found some of my own preferences in yoga mats, yoga blocks and yoga straps.
Manduka Pro yoga mat

This mat is durable and works well to support me while I do most of my yoga on a carpeted floor. When I initially bought this mat I had hard ceramic tile under me and wanted something well padded and this definitely fit the bill. I have not seen much wear in this mat and only notice scuff marks from me dragging my feet. When I no longer scuff the mat I will know I have improved.

I previously had the thickest mat I could find from Walmart, but that just wasn’t cutting it. I was sliding everywhere and had to double the mat over on itself sometimes to get enough padding while on a hard surface. The Manduka was definitely worth the money to me.
manduka Yoga blocks
 Blocks.. need I say much more.. They help me with my stretching or to help modify a pose that I can’t quite hold.. yet. I’m getting there.. but there is always room for improvement. These blocks have helped me a ton and are able to hold my weight without denting or loosing their shape. Definitely a good investment.
Manduka Yoga Straps
I have found multiple uses for this yoga straps. They help me with poses where I cannot touch my hands or my feet together (like full bow pose) or they can be worn to assist with you posture. Here is the instructions for setting up the strap for posture improvement. These straps are tough enough to handle what you throw at them and they’ve got enough grip that you not slipping and readjusting throughout the pose. You can just focus on your form.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission to help keep the blog running.

How I cut my food Bill and waistline

By On 12:05 PM
Just about everyone has a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape or lose weight. This year, my husband and I decided to lose about 15 pounds each, together. This is a long standing goal of mine that I have just never really gotten around to.. 

We also decided that we would begin being frugal to pay off some debt and save up to move closer to my day job. One thing that we saw would be easy to cut down on was our food bill. 

Now it a small dog, a cat and the two of us. Therefore, I started talking to my friend about couponing. To me, couponing is confusing and my biggest problem was that we never eat a lot of the food that goes on sale, or has coupons. However, I trudged on and learned more and after a few weeks, our grocery bill has been cut down by 1/3. 

I also had to figure out where to buy a newspaper. When that failed I realized that the papers are being delivered to my driveway might have what I wanted.. And viola! No need for subscriptions to newspapers or feeling silly cause I can’t figure out where to buy one. 

 I have begun shopping bogos for the majority of my foods. In addition, we make our meals around what’s on sale, not what we want and then hope it’s on sale. We have also begun paying attention to our calories and our portion sizes. Reducing our calories and keeping with portion sizes has helped us weigh less food and use less in general, because we are eating less. 

Our grocery bill ranges from $50-$70 a week, depending on if we purchase a gas card for a $10 savings. It was previously hovering around $120 every single week. Moreover, we were throwing away so much food at the end of the week or month because it expired and had never been used, or used much. 

 Being on a budget has also increased the creativity with our meals. My husband definitely gets all the credit for this.. He surprised me the other night by saying we were having chicken for dinner. I assumed chicken, vegetable and potato or rice.. Nope, we had pulled chicken sandwiches because we had some left over hamburger buns. 

 What are you doing this year to reduce costs and meet your New Year’s goals?

Why I practice Yoga in Jeans

By On 4:10 PM

Practicing yoga is a release. A release of stress, of tension, of time, of self. Finding yourself takes time. Time alone with yourself and your thoughts.

But sometimes you need a quick fix. Picture this.. In the middle of the day, you take a break and do 5 or 10 minutes of yoga. Mostly stretching to release the tension and stress you're holding onto. But are you going to spend 5 or 10 minutes changing in and out of your work clothes to do a few minutes of yoga? What happens if you stretch more later?

My job allows me to have a few breaks a day and quiet office to do a quick yoga release in. I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt or a polo, so changing would only make a calming situation more stressful. So I don't change. I practice yoga in jeans.

What Practicing Yoga in jeans has taught me

You don't have to go so deep to feel the release

Everyone is always trying to 'be more flexible'. Always in a race to be like someone else. Wearing jeans has taught me that I don't have to go as deep to feel the same release in tighter than usual muscles. Sometimes they even help hold me at a certain point of release.

You don't have to be like everyone else

Yoga is over sensationalized these days. it's the new thing. But everyone is chasing dreams to be like that girl on the beach doing yoga all day. What they don't see is how hard she must work to be able to do yoga on the beach all day.

It's about the journey not the pose

yes, yoga is full of poses. poses for this and poses for that. But the pose is an expression of what's inside. A way for the energy to move through you and release. To heal. Touching my forehead to my knee is forward bend is not as important when my goal is to reduce stress. Yes, the deeper stretch is nice, but I can save that for when I have more time.

Meditation doesn't have to be sitting

yoga is moving meditation. Meditation can come in many different forms and walking meditation is very common. 5 minutes of yoga for me is my meditation. I can do this as much as I need throughout the day and reap the benefits of both.

January Foods And Workouts

By On 7:46 AM

As of January 1, 2017, my husband and I decided to lose 15 pounds together.  These are goals that we have had and decided to accomplish together.

Since I stopped lifting weights, I have maintained the same weight, but lost a lot of muscle. I have come up with a plan and wanted to share with you what I am doing. Please keep in mind that I am short, only 5 foot tall, so my calories can go lower than most.

Calories will be set at 1100 and I will not be paying too much attention to macronutreient breakdown. I am ok with losing a little more muscle in addition to fat.  I will, however, be aiming for some sort of protein at every meal. I find this keeps hunger at bay longer than carbs alone, or carbs and fat.
A day for me looks something like this:

Breakfast: Homemade ham, egg white, and cheese English muffin.
Lunch: Lean cuisine
Snack: snack stack of ritz, if needed.
Dinner: 300-400 calories of pasta, chicken and vegetables, or pizza.

I make my own sandwiches as I find the calories can be lower and more filling. This week I found the English muffins on sale and picked up the high fiber ones, used, 1/3 cup egg whites, 1 slice deli ham and half a slice of cheese. I don’t see much of a difference in taste, only calories and macros when I compare it to Jimmy Dean Delights.

For my workouts I will be alternating cardio on my Bowflex Max trainer and yoga. I work out in the morning and can only get in about 30 minutes before work. I also do restorative yoga and meditate nightly before bed.

I have come to love my nightly yoga and meditation and rarely go without a least 10 minutes before bed. It calms me and helps me sleep better. No tossing to find a comfortable spot because I am stretched out and not sore when I get under the covers. 

Shoulder Gems Workout

By On 9:24 AM

Descriptions of workouts are below. Make sure you are using correct form and a weight that is not too heavy or too light for you. 

Dumbell Arnold Press

Front Raises

Lateral Raises

Shoulder Press

 Incline Dumbbell Press- If you can angle yourself correctly, you can use the edge of a table, but if not, skip this movement.

Bench Dips- use a table or a chair
Tricep Kickback - this works just as well on the side of a chair

Tricep Pushdown- If you don't have access to a gym you can hook a band on the back of a door to do this exercise.


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