Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weekly Reading: June 26-July 1

Ace of wands-a challenge to step forward with confidence and courage. The sense that something is beginning. It may be unpredictable and hard to control, but seize the wild opportunity and bask in the glory of it’s blaze.

Temperance- harmony, healing, moderation. Being flexible and understanding that there is more than one way to perceive the world can go a long way towards breaking down the invisible wall of belief.
Death- the old must be set aside for the new. Without shedding the old, the new change that the ace of wands predicts is beginning cannot happen. You must be vulnerable and shed your barriers to help you begin something new.

A new beginning is here, it’s time to start anew. Before you can do this though you must break down old barriers that are in the way. Be more flexible and try to see things from another perspective. This may help break down old beliefs that may be clouding your vision. Without this barrier being brought down you will not be able to begin anew.

This beginning may be a new passion or new activity for you. It may be rekindling an old passion in a new way. But there is something that is holding you back from really enjoying your passion to the fullest.

Take some time to think about what you’re passionate about and what beliefs that you have that may be holding you back.


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