Thursday, June 8, 2017

Love Forecast for June


1. Way you are ready for love -Queen of Pentacles- Nurture and care of others, generosity, and possessing a warmth of spirit, embodiment of feminine creative energy. She is dedication, a protector, and one who is reliable and trustworthy. She is secure in her material possessions and her position in life. She will lend her support to any who asks. She has strength, that she is willing to share.

2. Way you are not ready for love - Two of Pentacles-Juggling and keeping everything in balance, being flexible and adaptable and changing directions easily, high spirits. Be wary of taking on too much at once. Teamwork, functioning as a unit together, competence, achieving beyond the expected. Denotes imminent change, harmony in the midst of change, skillful manipulation during domestic or financial changes, new moves to make, or success in one direction.

3. Advice - Knight of Pentacles- Steadfast, conservative, and stubborn; he is set in his ways and on his path, locked onto his goal, with almost a tunnel-vision mentality. The foliage parts for him in a narrow path, and he has eyes for none of the temptations around him; only for the light that is his goal. The Knight of Pentacles is methodical, thorough, and unwavering. He rides upon the crest of an earth dragon, grounded, slow but undeniable in its progress -- where he sets his sights will be reached.

4. What your doing to block love - Five of Pentacles- Spiritual poverty, material troubles, insecurity, hard times, neglecting the body's needs, being ostracized and excluded. Emotions that tule the intellect bring loss of judgement, sorrow, loss of work or position, loss of home or lover. lasting friendships will be made with those in the same positions. yet salvation is not far off. Being blind to your inner self and external world, or you do not yet understand what it is you need, there is a disconnect between body and mind. 

5. Outcome - Page of Pentacles - Trustworthy and diligent, bearer of messages, reflection, scholarship, practicality, effective. Brings the message of opportunities for growth and prosperity. It's a small spark that must be nurtured, but has tons of potential. 


author My name is Julie and I am a tarot reader. I read the cards intuitively and am in love with finding new decks and sharing them with you. I share with you different spreads and readings. You can also book a reading with me on here or on Etsy.
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