Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Look Ahead to Next Week


General Theme- 5 of swords reversed-shows unnecessary conflict, you could become caught in the middle of another person’s fight. This battle has a selfish agenda.

Monday-6 of cups- reconnecting with your childhood or your inner child. In some way, the past will return to help the present. This is a time of peace and harmony.

Tuesday- Queen of swords- Offers wisdom and intelligences, perspective, and the ability to see the bigger picture. It can also show strength in adversity. 

Wednesday- The Sun-Every aspect of your life is about to improve. This is the most positive card you can get. You’ll enjoy more energy and if you or someone you know is ill, it indicates a speedy ad return to good health. 

Thursday- Queen of cups-love and happiness are foremost. Just follow your heart today. Pay attention to your dreams, which hold messages for you. There may also be a rivalry.

Friday-8 of Cups- A time of restlessness. Everything may seem ok from the outside, but inside something is nagging at you. Now is the time for you to leave, but don’t make a hasty decision. Make sure you no longer have anything to gain from where you are at. You will feel sadness but little regret, if the timing is right. You may have already left this situation emotionally.

Saturday- Ace of swords-This card will bring immediate change to life for the better. It will overrule any other negative cards and create a new beginning. Just be mindful to judge the situation and be direct, not abrasive. Mental agility and assertiveness will bring success 

Sunday-10 of swords reversed- This ending clears the way for new activities to begin. Bonds or friendships may break, but you may see that they were causing you stress. This may also indicate job loss. But being reversed, it indicates that there may be more repercussions than expected.


author My name is Julie and I am a tarot reader. I read the cards intuitively and am in love with finding new decks and sharing them with you. I share with you different spreads and readings. You can also book a reading with me on here or on Etsy.
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